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「Ero★Pinku -  Verónica González

Freelance artist.

I have worked as illustrator, mangaka, art teacher and designer for private clients, publishers and studios.

I studied Architecture but I work in mangas/comics, novel covers, official convention's posters, merchandise, Japanese game's illustrations, etc.

I take part in guides to learn how to draw manga published by French, German, American and Spanish publishers. I work as manga teacher for the city council. 


I have had the pleasure to work with a lot of great and professional companies, publishers and studios like:

NORMA Editorial, EDT, MONSA (Spain)

Erola, MxM Bookmark (France)

Michael Fischer (Germany)

Yaoi PressDoujin PressCartoon Craft, Viewster AG (USA)

SphoraDaus, Coamix Co.Ldt. (Japan/Malaysia)



I speak Spanish and English but I can write French too.

I'm learning Japanese and German just now... it will take some time to master it *laughs*

( • ㉦ • )ゝ♥ Ero★Pinku

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